There are many models and approaches for counsellors to be trained and practice. However, the relationship between the therapist and client is essential for therapy to be successful. That is why, on the link, 'My Background' I give you an insight into me as a person. This is to help you decide whether you feel confident that I am someone you could share your thoughts and feelings, without fear of judgement. 

I have been trained in the Advanced Diploma in Integrative Counselling, which is a combination of different types of therapeutic approaches. Depending on the individual needs of the client,  I believe the Person-Centred Approach often leads to the best outcome. This approach is led by what you feel is important in your life. You know yourself better than anyone and all you may need is someone to listen and value you; to give you space to look at and find ways to overcome any difficulties you may be experiencing.

In addition to my experience of counselling adult's, the Diploma in Counselling Children as well as my many years working in a school and also with children in care, allow me to confidently help children and young people to work through their difficulties. 

I am fully aware that sharing your innermost thoughts can be difficult and painful but it is a genuine privilege to be with you and help you through your journey.  

I will be delighted to hear from you.  

Warm Wishes Nicola

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Nicola Thomas

MBACP Registered Counsellor


mobile 07850424999

Honiton, Devon