I feel counselling is progressing in 'leaps and bounds, it's superb' and I'm more aware of my actions and thoughts' March 2015

'I feel we have covered everything [in my counselling sessions] from childhood to present to looking positively to the future' I 'feel much better about myself and my life now'. November 2015

I have 'found new ways to cope with life in general and knowledge I have to protect myself' I have 'evolved into someone new. Lost a burden. Now in control.' June 2015

I am 'grateful for [you] going to the darkest depths with me' May 2016

Nicola was 'totally focused on me and can now read me like a book. She had a beautiful approach and was totally understanding [and] showed great empathy'. June 2016

'Nicola has totally transformed me and my perspectives on life following bereavement' June 2016

'I feel like a fledgeling bird ready to face life and the world again'. June 2016

'I've stopped blaming myself for everything. I'm not so anxious' March 2016

Nicola 'has been fab, I wouldn't have been able to complete my journey without her help and guidance' September 2015

Nicola 'was happy for me to take my time and allowed me the space and time to ask my own questions' September 2015

'Thank you so much for all your help, support, encouragement and positive energy.' 'Thank you for inspiring me so much' June 2017

'You have helped me beyond words'. 'No-one else has given me such confidence to speak'. 'You have been a truly amazing help to my life' December 2014

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